10 free business services, so cool that you want to buy them

If you can be 100% sure in life, so that people will do absolutely everything for the sake of a free T-shirt.

Anywhere – at a football match, at a party in a club or a university lecture hall – people lose their heads from being able to get their hands on an oversized piece of cotton.

But a freebie is not just pleasure for the consumer. This is a gold mine for a marketer. Each free nishtyak gives you another chance that a representative of the target audience will remember your brand and will constantly remind friends about it, each time stuffing this T-shirt or pulling out a free-standing pen.

Following this tradition, the freemium model is brilliantly suited for IT companies to increase their visibility and avalanche-like increase in their customer base. In this article you will learn how freemium can influence a business and find 11 examples of successful implementation that you want to buy.