Online Services

In the last year, we, the creators of individualized programs for enterprises, sometimes think that soon we will have no need to work. At least, all employees of small companies and private entrepreneurs, whom I know, from morning to evening (and at night, almost lying on the couch) download and install dozens of services – covering virtually all of their information, communication and even transactional business needs. . After that, these businessmen are no longer required to individually contact specialized software makers.

Being a marketer of business software creators, I became interested in what services are most actively used by entrepreneurs. It turned out that our brother in misfortune, the company Sure Payroll (manufacturer of payroll accounting software) was puzzled by this question even earlier – and in the spring of 2015 more than 350 small business owners from all US states were polled. In addition to the actual list of programs, from the kindly provided results of this study, it was found that 78% of small business owners specifically made drastic changes to business processes – to switch to certain online services or downloaded applications.

Best cloud storage tools

Google Disk (formerly Google Drive), Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud – allow you to store and access your files from anywhere: online, on your hard drive or on the go;

Evernote – “business notebook”: applications for different platforms (the most popular among them is a smartphone) for cloud storage of small text records, images, systems of tasks – and giving a very convenient high-level management system for all such “small content” of an employee or the entire company.

The best online applications for the organization of the company

Trello – a visual project management system;

Basecamp is a large project management tool that offers various customer service options.

Expensify– financial online service to control the costs of the company;

Asana – mobile and stationary applications that help improve communication and collaboration within the team;

Tripit is a travel planner that allows you not only to get a lot of information about the route with convenience, but also can manage roaming, access to mobile communications and the Internet.

Best Online CRM Tools (Customer Relationship Management)

Salesforce is a subscription-based company that develops CRM solutions and provides business software;

Act! – a leading contact-client manager, allowing small businesses and sales departments to clearly collect customer information, manage it, increase productivity and improve sales results;

SugarCRM – allows companies to create and control extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative CRM solutions;

Nimble is a web and SaaS platform that gives small businesses a high-level CRM tool in combination with work with social networks;

Zoho is a set of business applications to improve the quality of collaboration and productivity – including in the areas of work with clients, and in other areas.

The best online services in the field of marketing and SMM

Constant Contact – convenient for a marketer to manage a client base (e-mail, social networks) and information about marketing events;

MailChimp is an application for marketers that simplifies specialized work with e-mail (mailings, newsletters, automated messages, targeted campaigns);

Marketo – software for marketing automation of various directions (inbound marketing, SMM, CRM and many other options);

Pardot – SaaS-application that allows marketers to create an online campaign to promote, deploy and manage it;

Emfluence – creates, deploys, and tracks multi-channel online marketing campaigns in one place;

InfusionSoft is a marketing automation and sales management software for small businesses with an emphasis on online sales outlets.

Hootsuite is a social media campaign management platform already loved by more than 10 million marketers around the world.

Buffer App, TweetDeck – tools for one-time download of content, which will then be displayed in the company’s social network accounts “in portions” at the time specified for each “portion” (TweetDeck – only for Twitter);

Sprout Social is a platform for managing social media accounts, as well as for monitoring references to the company in ordinary media.

Hearsay Social – helps to control the financial aspect of working with social media (leads, conversion, subscriber visits to companies, sales – vs expenses of the company on SMM).

The best online content management tool

ScribbleLive is a content-marketing platform that allows you to simultaneously control both large masses of heterogeneous data posted by a company on many sites and feedback elements from web users about this content.